Coalition Building


TKG works with a variety of existing coalitions, and helps build new coalitions up from the ground. We have successfully worked with diverse groups from tea party organizations to labor unions, and made strides for their issues and campaigns. We provide policy insight and organizational management to successfully execute coalition and outreach programs that bring together groups with related interests to focus their collective power on achieving mutual success. In addition to giving a unified voice to groups with similar policy interests, our coalitions often unite ‘non-traditional’ allies to demonstrate a breadth of support for a particular position, presenting a more powerful message to Congress and the Executive Branch.


We work with our clients to identify positions that might be of interest to new members and groups not previously approached, and help foster an open dialogue and fundamental understanding of where two sides can work together to be successful. Our outreach programs focus on working with groups who are willing to reach across the aisle, whether in industry or the federal government, to find common ground on policy issues.


Given today’s political landscape, the traditional philosophy of only working with members on one side of the aisle is gone. Instead, success is incumbent upon building new relationships and working to obtain bipartisan consensus. Our model of building relationships and working toward consensus has met success in the following areas: Animal Welfare, Education & Training, Energy & Environment, Financial Services, Healthcare, Immigration, Labor & Management, Tax Reform, Telecommunications, Trade, Transportation & Infrastructure. The Keelen Group has extensive experience successfully utilizing this model.